Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Apparently you can do loads of creepy stuff on campus during the summer because there’s no one around to keep your social-appropriateness-scale in check. I mean, I was practically having a photo shoot in the library, and no one was the wiser. Of course, the real question is, why would I want to have a photo shoot in the library anyway?
*Answer: To show off my vanity, to show you all my sweet hat, and to prove that I can.
*Speaking of hats, I used to wear them a lot more. For awhile there I was even getting quite the collection of them. But now they usually just sit in my accessory basket, waiting patiently amidst my belts and brooches, waiting for the day when I’ll finally decide that my hair’s greasy enough to throw one on. Well, that day has come, hats. It has officially come.
*So our laptop might be on its dying legs…it is for this reason that you find me at the USU library much more frequently than any graduate should be. Matt actually took it in to have it looked at last week because we were tired of the blue screen of death cropping up every 5 minutes and shutting the computer down. As it turns out, we need to replace the fan. It’s poopid, I tell ya. Poopid. 
*But here we are, still smiling on our way to campus–Matt because he really ADORES calculus, and me because I get to watch The Bachelorette. It’s a win-win.
*Except for Matt.

*Sunday night, we got together with some friends from our ward and had a little game night. We taught the other couple how to play Hand & Foot (the card game Matt and I have been obsessively playing ever since we got our hands on four decks of Rook cards). I kind of feel bad for the other couple because we kind of wasted them both games, and I am so totally NOT a good winner. So they, unfortunately, saw the real me at last. Oh well. It was bound to come out sooner or later.

*I, along with my first counselor in the Young Women presidency, gave a talk in church yesterday on the importance of having self-respect. I used several excerpts from an awesome talk given by one of my favorite leaders of my church, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. If you’d like to read the excerpt I used, check out my other blog here.

*Last Thursday I drove out to the intermediate school where I’ll be teaching 7th grade in the fall, and I finally saw my classroom for the very first time! It’s weird, but I think one of the things that stresses me out most about teaching is having to decorate my classroom and make it all cutesy. Being crafty is just not a big part of my personality, so it will be difficult for me to work up the motivation to spend hours planning bulletin boards and laminating signs about writing. If you know of any cheap (and easy) ideas regarding this matter, I’d sure appreciate it.

*I finally knew June was upon us when I realized how much our lives are going to be dictated by weddings this month: we already went to this one last week, we have another one this week, and both my best friend and Matt’s best friend are getting married next week (not to each other–too bad!). Pictures to follow, of course 🙂

*My desire to run is officially shot now that the temperatures are consistently staying above 80 degrees. Of course, I COULD wake up early to beat the heat, but like THAT’S going to happen…what I’m hoping is that I’ll somehow manage to scrape together the funds to buy myself a one-month pass to the rec center so I can enjoy my fill of zumba and yoga classes and then go run in the air-conditioned gym next door. Doesn’t that sound perfect? I sure think so.

*And, on a closing note, here is a picture of lovely Cache Valley, taken as Matt was running off to class and I was tottering in my heels after him. How I love Logan in the summer!

*What are your plans this week? Do you have as many weddings to go to as us?

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