Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Maybe it’s the gloomy weather, but I seriously have been wearing all-black or all-grey outfits almost every other day for the past few weeks. Sometimes I don’t think it’s so bad (like the number above), but on the day when I wore grey skinnies, a grey shirt, and grey boots, I’m sure I looked like some sludge-eating grey monster.

*The sun really needs to come out already before I turn into a vampire next or something.

*Almost as soon as I started using mascara (when I was 13 or so), I’ve pretty much stuck with the same kind–L’Oreal Voluminous. But, every now and then, I like to give my eyelashes a little surprise and try something new. Lately, I decided to try this new XXL Lashes (or something like that) from Maybelline, and although the results are nice enough, I’ve decided that I’m SUPER picky when it comes to how a mascara smells. There are certain kinds I never will buy again simply because I hate the smell. Is that totally psycho? What’s your favorite kind of mascara?

*Tonight is my second round of parent/teacher conferences for the year. EEEK! I’m trying really hard not to dread them, but it’s difficult when I’ve already had two crazy-parent encounters…
*However, the good news about it being conference time is that the Scholastic Book Fair is all set up at my school, and guess what?! Somehow we got a donation/grant/something that allowed each Language Arts teacher to pick up $130 worth of books for our classroom. I’m especially excited about this because my classroom only had about 15 books that I’d picked up secondhand from an old library sale, and my students were starting to get really sick of them (and, of course, the same ones always complaining about it were the ones who don’t bring in their own book to class every day like they’re supposed to). But I was able to pick up almost 20 new books today at the fair, and even just the sight of all those new pages and new book glue just made me giddy.
*That’s what Language Arts teachers dream about, didn’t you know? Free books for our classroom and the smell of new book glue. You’d better believe it.
*Okay, it’s official–the snow is ruining my life. I just barely got word that they’re moving parent/teacher conferences to tomorrow due to the weather, which is about the worst thing ever considering that I have an educator workshop down in Farmington tomorrow (which means I’ll have to drive from Logan to Farmington, then from Farmington to Tremonton, then from Tremonton to Logan–almost 3 hours of driving!), as well as cancel two other important appointments I already had for that evening. Poop.
*Wanna know something kinda crazy? So at my job, we get paid the last workday of every month. Therefore, since the last day we taught last month was Dec. 21st, we got paid that day…and then are not getting paid again until Jan. 31st. I mean, I’m pretty frugal with my money, but let’s just say that I hope they don’t repeat this little shenanigan again anytime soon…
*Thank goodness for plasma.
*Speaking of donating plasma, I was turned away from donating for the very first time last Saturday because I was due for my annual physical, and they didn’t have any appointments open for the rest of that day. They told me to call in first thing Monday morning (because I wanted a Thursday appointment and they only schedule them 3 days in advance), so I did–only to find that they were completely booked until Friday. I called like 45 minutes after they opened, people!
*I think I should just stop trying to make plans for my own week this week, since it seems that this week is going to do whatever the heck it wants. Watch–we’ll have a snow day on Thursday or something to throw me off even more.
*I hope I didn’t just jinx myself…
*Although, let’s be honest–an unexpected day off of work that you still get paid for? That’s a perfect recipe for a pretty perfect day right there.
*Has a school district near you had any snow days yet? We’re still holding out strong…even though I’ve almost slid off the road/crashed into something the last three times I’ve driven to work. No big deal.
*Okay, I’ll stop about the snow. In cheerier news, Matt and I watched the six-hour Pride & Prejudice TWICE this weekend (both times at Matt’s suggestion). AND we made a cake, just for fun. Can you say perfect weekend, or what?!
*How are things in your part of the globe?

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