The Lazy (Wo)man’s DIY Table

You might remember this little table that I first “revealed” in the first Before/After post of my 50 Weeks to Organized challenge. As promised, I’ve decided to tell you all our glorious secrets in building it.

And by secrets, I plan to reveal to you how very little acquainted we are with DIY projects and how we usually tend to avoid work-intensive projects at all costs. Of course, I just made Matt make this table for me and saved myself all the trouble entirely.

But just in case (for some reason) you find yourself in need of a good, sturdy table and all the cheap-o ones at Walmart just won’t cut it, here’s what you do (or here’s what you make your spouse do):

First, find the following:

-An unfinished saw horse (we picked up this small-ish one at Lowe’s for $24.99)
-An unfinished wooden plank to fit over the top of your saw horse (make sure the ends don’t hang too far over the edges of the saw horse so it still looks balanced)
-4 wood screws
-Wood stain (if you wish)

Once all materials are assembled, here’s all you have to do:

1. Sand down the plank and saw horse until all surfaces are smooth. Then, using a wet rag, wipe off all sawdust very carefully.
2.Carefully place the wooden plank on top of the saw horse, making sure to measure around all the edges to make sue it’s evenly spaced
2. Using an electric drill, drill the four screws into the place where the saw horse and plank meet near the middle of the table (measure first so they’re evenly spaced)
3. With an old rag, layer on a thick coat of stain all over the table (the photo above is of the table right after this step)
4. With a wide brush, paint on your first coat of sealant
5. When the sealant is fully dry, gently buff all surfaces (we used a very fine grade of steel wool), wiping off all surfaces again with a damp rag
6. Put on a second coat of sealant.
7. Buff all surfaces again, and wipe down with a damp rag
8. Finish off with the last coat of sealant

And, voila! You’ve created for yourself a sturdy wooden table that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Happy DIYing!
(Yes, I just turned DIY into a verb. I’m an English teacher–I can do whatever I want.)
What DIY projects have you taken on lately? Or are you like us and try to avoid them at almost all costs?

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