Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Matt and I finally made it back down to Bountiful this weekend, which meant we got to see all the new BABIES in the family! Here I am holding a picture of little Bode, the fourth addition to my sister’s family. Good thing I’m not the type to get baby hungry because they are pretty gosh darn cute!

*One thing I love about heading to our childhood home? The plethora of home-cooked food that I didn’t have to make myself. During the priesthood session of General Conference (a special meeting in our church that’s just for the men), I got together with all the women in Matt’s family and had a fun chat about first kisses and falling in love with Meidell boys over ribs and lettuce wraps. And on Sunday, we enjoyed a traditional ham and potatoes feast while we discussed our favorite talks from General Conference and caught up with each other’s lives. These are good times, friends. Good times.

*The other best part of going home? The fact my stepdad bought us our own brick of the extra-sharp Tillamook cheese. We are such cheese snobs, but we don’t have the money to live up to it all the time. So thanks, Scott! We’ll try to make it last longer than a week this time 🙂

*I have parent-teacher conferences tonight, and I’m more than a little terrified. I mean, I already had one parent come in and question everything I was doing in the class, and this time, I’ll be trapped in the gym for 4 hours tonight and 3 more tomorrow with nothing to barricade me from the hoards of swarming parents wondering why their kids are failing my class…

*The answer? Because their kid spaces out half of the time and is bugging his neighbor the other half. That, and I’m a ridiculously tough grader. True story.

*Yesterday I sent two kids to the principal’s office for the first time. I had been trying to put off severe discipline for as long as possible, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. So there you go–I am now on at least two students’ hit lists. Does this mean I won’t get voted Most Favoritest Teacher now?

*I am running my first 5k on Saturday. I’ve kind of signed up for it on a whim, but I’m pretty excited. What makes it even better? The fact that I might be racing against some of my own students, since it’s a 5k for Red Ribbon Week. I had several of my boy students challenge me and even trash talk a little, but I think I should smoke ’em. At the very least, they were left in fear as I reminded them that I was a marathon runner. (Of course, I didn’t mention that the marathon was 6 months ago and I’ve barely run since. Ha ha ha.)

*I got a bunch of tomatillos from a fellow teacher–does anyone know how to cook them?

*We get a few days off of school next week for fall break, and I am like a 6-year-old waiting until Christmas. I’m already dreaming of what it will be like to take bathroom breaks whenever I want…

*What’s going on in your life?

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