Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*I still haven’t recovered from our crazy wedding weekend–probably because I’ve only gotten about 9 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, I’m carrying around three extra pounds, and my feet still have blisters from walking around so much in heels. It was totally worth it though.

*You may (or may not) be wondering why I’ve only gotten 9 hours of sleep in the past two nights. Well, it’s because of a little misfortune with our swamp cooler. You see, it broke last summer. And, when we told our landlords about it, they said they would have someone come and look at it (last summer). No one ever came. So this summer, we kept bugging them until someone finally looked at it, and it turns out that it’s too 70’s ghetto to fix. We have since been informed that since our managers don’t have the moolah to fix it, we are just out of luck. Something you may not know about me: I have a VERY difficult time sleeping when it’s hot inside (how I ever slept on my mission is beyond me). So, as a result of our apartment being about 80-85 degrees upstairs at any given moment, my body has decided to cease sleeping until it gets its way when it comes to ambient temperature. Picky body.

*Oh, and the fact that I had a super creepy nightmare that still has me a little wigged out also didn’t help. I blame the fact that we were all telling real-life creepy experiences at Matt’s family party on Sunday.

*After a little too much decadent eating over the weekend, I am finally back on the health wagon: I didn’t touch any sugar yesterday (a minor miracle), I finally did some real cooking (Matt was probably so glad it wasn’t mac and cheese and hot dogs again), and I actually summoned up enough energy to go to a yoga class at the rec center. I’m rather proud of myself over it, actually. Especially since I’d actually gained 5 pounds over the weekend, but not I’m down to just 3. Boo-yah.

*Funny story about my yoga class last night: so I always have this random fear that I’m going to pass gas during some of the poses (since some of them just tend to push the air down, ya know?). Well, last night, not just one, but TWO people totally farted right in the middle of two of the more strenuous poses. And, due to the silence of a yoga class, everyone could hear it. I felt so proud of myself for not giggling.

*Have I mentioned that our laptop hasn’t been working for a couple weeks? So, as a result, I’ve been doing all my blogging at the USU library (that’s one reason why I haven’t done quite as many posts as usual). The reason I tell you this is because TODAY is finally the day that we can take the laptop in to be fixed (since we’ve been waiting all this time for a replacement part to come in the mail). The day has come, friends. The day has come.

*I can’t believe it’s already going to be the 4th of July next week. Where is this summer going? And what on earth do I have to show for the last month and a half besides three extra pounds and tired eyes? I’ve got to step it up.

*Last night while Matt was at class, I popped in the movie Julie & Julia (which I’d picked up from the library–yay for free movies!). You wanna know what’s weird? I thought the book was a huge disappointment, but I really quite loved the movie. Isn’t it supposed to be opposite?

*Speaking of movies, I really can’t wait to see Brave. Have you seen it? How was it? Is it worth all the hype I’ve been generating about it?

*I am almost 1,000 pages into Count of Monte Cristo. Just throwing that out there to semi-justify that I have been doing something productive with my days.

*Speaking of books, I really loved the comments and conversations from my post on the 100 Most-Recommended classics. It has me all sorts of reinvigorated to get going on that life goal again.

*On a closing note, my sympathies go out to the Montgomery family for the loss of their beautiful mother. Lisa was a stalwart, strong, and exemplary model of faith and fortitude, and my life has been forever touched by her testimony and her endurance in the face of hardship. Our prayers are with their family.

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