Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*How bad do you let your hair get before you get a haircut? Well, I’ll let you know how we Meidells do it–we just wait until we basically can’t see anymore (or until the opportunity for a free haircut comes up) before we get one. I’ve been telling Matt that he needs a haircut for about 3 months now, but he says he flat-out refuses to pay money for one. I’ve been telling myself I need a haircut for about two. But somehow, I just never get around to it…

*But seriously–I’ve got to get a haircut, and pronto. Too bad my favorite hairstylist is now about an hour drive south…anyone know any good stylists in Logan?

*Then, of course, comes the age-old question: well, how should I actually CUT it? Should I get highlights? Go red? Keep it dark? Do I get blunt bangs again, like I’ve done the past two times? Such a conundrum.

*How do you decide which haircut to do next?

*In other news, it’s Valentine’s Day in two days. And you know what’s ironic? The fact that I cancelled the weekly activity for my young women’s group (due to the holiday), only to find out that my husband (who is over the young men’s group) decided to go ahead and still have theirs. Go figure.

*So for Christmas we asked for a blender because our old one had been on the fritz for several weeks (like, some mornings it wouldn’t even blend). Then, the weirdest thing happened: the second we brought our new Ninja blender home, all of a sudden the old blender has been blending like it’s brand new. It’s like it knew it was going to get replaced or something. So creepy.

*After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, I FINALLY got four new magazines this week. I mean, what IS it about January that just makes everything seem to drag out so much longer? I swear, I’d finished all my magazines WEEKS before these new ones came, and I subscribe to SIX different kinds. The month’s cursed, I’m tellin’ ya.

*So lately, because Matt and I decided (not out loud, but we both must have come to the same conclusion) that we need to complain less and have a better attitude about things, we have since started to say these really sarcastic things to each other in the morning in lieu of complaining. Like, “I’m just so EXCITED to go to work today and have that same kid come tardy again to class. For the eighth time in a row. I really love the school policy that says I have to write him up for every tardy after #3.” Or (Matt): “I just can’t WAIT for my 10-hour long day on campus to start. And can I just say how much I LOVE how long my breaks are between classes?” Although the sarcasm might be killing the point, it oddly makes me feel a little better about things.

*We’re terrible, we know. We should just learn to suck it up and let our gratitude for actually having a job and getting the chance to get an education shine through once in awhile.

*So yesterday, for a self-starting activity, I had all the students write in their notebooks any questions or concerns they still had about the research paper they have due this Friday (which we’ve been working on for a month). I asked them to specifically write down what they still didn’t understand so I could be sure to go over it in class this week. As I was walking around and looking at all the responses, I came across this gem: “Um, I’ve had no idea what’s been going on this whole time, so can you just start over and go over everything again? That’d be great.”

*This isn’t just typical teenage tune-out, people–that’s a whole MONTH’S worth of complete inattentiveness. I mean, you’d have to be trying NOT to listen to have missed everything. Let’s just say I had a hard time not laughing. Or smacking the kid.

*Last school story, I swear–so I have this kid that comes in literally almost every morning and asks if he can have a pencil (I keep a stack of new ones in my desk). When I ask him what happened to the one from yesterday, he’ll say he doesn’t know. After one morning when I responded in a particularly frustrated way to his query, he responded with, “It’s not my fault! My mom keeps forgetting to tell me to bring my pencil pouch to school!”

*I teach 13-year-olds.

*’Nuf said.

*And you wonder why I resort to extreme sarcasm every morning to get myself through the day.

*Any particularly frustrating/funny people in your life lately?

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