Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*It’s happening, people—bare legs and arms and all sorts of body parts are emerging from their winter cocoons as this warmer wave of weather sweeps over Utah. I didn’t wear tights to church last Sunday (!), and I even did my 5-mile run yesterday in a tank top. It’s a March miracle (for Utah anyway).

*Many of our friends and family have been wondering what our future plans are for the next year since Matt didn’t get into PT school this first time applying. Since the majority of the info on our lives is made known via this blog, I feel like this is as good a place as any to say that we’ve officially decided to have Matt postpone graduation (he was supposed to graduate after this semester) so that he can retake some of his science classes and hopefully improve his GPA so he has a better chance of getting into a PT school the second time around.

I will still continue to teach at my school (although I threaten about every other week to quit and look for a non-education job), and hopefully my workload will be more manageable since I’ll be taking on double the Spanish classes and one fewer class of Language Arts (which is where all my grading nightmares originate).

Our plans are to stay in our current apartment too, although that one might change—our rent and other home-related bills keep going up, so we might start looking for a cheaper place (and maybe one that’s closer to my job and that isn’t so very Logan-ghetto), but we don’t know.

It’s definitely not exactly what we hoped for, but dreams don’t come cheap (or easy), eh?

*As per my Friday post on sugar, I haven’t touched any sweets since Sunday night (unless you count the chocolate in chocolate milk, which I don’t). Yesterday wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be (esp. since it was the first time I’d gone more than about 12 hours without sugar for months and months), but it still has been pretty challenging even just a day and a half in—had my work offered us sweets yesterday during our professional development workday, I probably would have succumbed, and I still have some delicious minty chocolate left over from Valentine’s Day that’s just sitting right by our laptop at home, screaming at me to eat it.

But I am determined that unless it’s truly a special occasion, I am only going to allow myself sweets on the weekends for the whole month of March. I am DETERMINED to drop 6-7 pounds before I run my half-marathon in April—it never ceases to amaze me how much slower I am with even a few pounds extra on my frame.

*I will be posting the progress on my February goals tomorrow, and I’ll just warn you—it really isn’t pretty. I can’t figure it out, but I just am really struggling with my goal-keeping this year so far (which has rarely—if ever—happened to me). I think it might come down to the set-point theory of discipline, which basically states that each of us only has so much of a reserve of self-discipline and motivation and go-getter-ness each day (on average), and that if we spend that reserve on other things (like taming obnoxious 7th graders or making ourselves exercise), we have less available to us in other things.

A part of me thinks that whole theory is a bunch of crock (because it just seems to be a fancy way of justifying poor behavior), but there might be some truth in it—after some days at work, I come home so drained from trying to keep everything under control and actually teach my students something that I have no energy left over to do things like housework or hobbies (and if I do have energy, it’s spent running or cooking usually).

*Do you think there’s some truth in the theory? Do you think you have a limited supply of discipline/motivation each day?

*Yesterday I used dry shampoo for only the second time ever, and I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about it. On the one hand, it did make my hair look somewhat less gross and greasy. But then I felt like it made my scalp more dry than normal (and therefore more itchy), which is obnoxious. Anyone know of a good dry shampoo that you could recommend for me? (Because heaven knows, I will look for ANY excuse to not have to wash my hair very often…mostly because it takes FOREVER to do now that it’s so long).

*I have randomly taken to cutting off parts of my hair (mostly bangs) that are bugging me on particular days, and I’m kind of nervous to go into my hairstylist next for fear of what she’s going to say about my haircutting abilities…(especially since I’m not using haircutting scissors…)

*I will have you notice that in these pictures, I mixed leopard print with stripes (because apparently pattern-mixing is now a “thing,” and apparently now I’m doing it too). This is one of my first attempts, and even though it’s not like a “WHAM—patterns in your face!” kind of thing, it still made me feel a little rebellious.

Happy Tuesday, friends.


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