March Goals

I already warned you that my success rate on my February goals was truly abysmal, so let’s get this over with fast—like ripping off a Band-Aid.

*Decide on name for photography business.
This one has been on my mind a lot lately, but I haven’t decided on anything officially. The idea of opening up a business terrifies me, which makes it hard for me to decide anything because I’m so worried I’ll choose the wrong name or something. There’s a quote I read somewhere this last week that says something to the effect of “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough,” which has comforted me a little. I intend to add this one to my official March list of goals.

*Visit a new temple.
Thankfully, I got this one done the very first day of the month—Matt and I went to the Oquirrh Mountain LDS temple while we were down in the South Salt Lake area the first weekend in February. I think we might have actually gone to that one before but I wasn’t positive, so I’m counting it anyway, ha ha.

*Spend at least two different days in the family history center.
I got this one out of the way pretty early on too, and while my two trips there didn’t yield much in the way of new names of my ancestors (which is what I’m mainly looking for), I did find some interesting leads while perusing through some old Census records and a list of marriage certificates.

*Read two books on my lists.
I am beyond disappointed that I didn’t complete this goal two months in a ROW, especially since I had such high hopes (and am decently close to finishing a few different books). Basically, I was all set up to accomplish this one and then my job threw me that 60-hour workweek curve ball last week, which screwed everything up. Sigh. Someday I’ll read more than a book or two a month again.

*Learn one new piece in Piano Classics book.
I started on this one, but never really homed in on it. I don’t really have an excuse other than that I’m out of the habit of practicing piano regularly.

*Read through Joshua and Judges in Old Testament.
This one should have been a piece of cake, but once again, that last week of February KILLED me—I only had time to eat, sleep, and grade, and all my goals fell by the wayside.

*And for my homemaking goal: Make weekly menu plans.
I gave a half-hearted attempt on this one the first half of the month, but I found that I was consistently planning unrealistic meals that took too much time/energy to make (which I didn’t seem to ever have last month when I got home from work), so I basically bombed this goal too. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be one to really sit down and plan out all my meals for the week, but I think I do need to learn to go grocery shopping with specific meal ideas in mind.

March Goals

*Finish the books of Judges, Ruth, and first and second Samuel in Old Testament.

*Decide on name for photography business and get into contact with people who can help me design a web page and a logo. Luckily for me, I’ve got some really talented family members, so we’ll see what we can come up with.

*Visit a new temple. Matt and I are visiting Yellowstone later this month, so I’m hoping we can stop by a new one on our way there or back.

*Read two books on my lists. Surely with a five-day vacation coming up, I can finally manage this one…

*Type up fifteen pages of one of my journals. I added a new goal to my bucket list to type up all my journals (I’ve been journaling since I was about 6).

*Learn one new piece in Piano Classics book.

*Go on an 11-mile run. With my half marathon coming up at the end of next month (and with one of my bucket list items being that I want to run a half in less than two hours), I really need to step up my running. I’ve been pretty good at still going regularly, but I have cut my longer runs short several times due to various obstacles that come up, and I’m determined to adequately train so that this first half-marathon I run be a solid attempt at trying to break that two-hour barrier.

*Homemaking Goal: Save money on food. I have a bunch of different strategies on how I want to do this, which I hope to share with you on some of the Financial Friday posts I have coming up. I’m pretty excited!

What have you been working on lately? And how do you save money on food when you’re trying to cut back?

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