Family Fun

A Family-Filled Weekend

When I was a teenager, I felt like I hardly ever spent weekends with my family–my independent teenage self craved time with my close girl friends, in which we’d plot ways to sneakily happen to “bump into” our latest crushes. Since getting married though, it seems like my bond with my family has multipled a hundredfold, and more often than not my weekends back in my hometown are filled with family celebrations and down time spent at our childhood homes.

This last weekend was no different–on Friday, I drove with my mom and two of my three sisters down to Lindon, where we had way too much fun catching up with my extended family members at my cousin Mandy’s baby shower. There’s just nothing quite as fun as seeing the people I grew up with become wives, mothers, leaders, teachers–

It does my heart proud.

Our weekend was also spent feasting on the spiritual wisdom of our church leaders during General Conference, which the LDS church holds twice a year so that we can hear timely messages tailored to guide us during these turbulent times.

How thankful I am for my family and for my faith!

Is your bond with your family stronger than it used to be?