Family Fun

The Highland Games (aka Sometimes Ye’ve Gotta Take Advantage of your Scottish Heritage)


My husband’s family seems to always be cooking up something new and crazy, which is why, for the longest time, I didn’t really think this Highland Games thing was serious business.

Then came the promotional videos on Facebook, the cans of haggis on my in-laws’ steps, the obsession over picking a tartan…

And before I knew it, the Games were upon us.

Just so you know, the Meidells don’t do anything halfway. The Highland Games was no sissy-pants family reunion–everything from the competitive games of shotput and caber tossing, the menu (corned beef and cabbage and an intricate kilt cake), the grand trophy (complete with handmade kilt), and amazing turnout just continued to prove this fact:

My in-laws are pretty rad.

(Matt and I taking on the shotput)
Obviously I did so with style, hair-in-my-face and everything.
In fact, I’ll have you know that I got 2nd place in the Women’s Division.
I’ve totally been practicing.
(Just kidding. Although I am serious when I say that I’m pretty sure that after this first time,
everyone will be practicing a LOT for next year’s games…)
So not all the games were authentic, but the
Who Can Kick His Shoe the Furthest?
never seems to go out of style.


I didn’t have the guts to try the haggis.
I’m obviously the sissy pants in the family.



Any Highland Games would not be complete without an intricately-designed kilt cake
(thanks, Katie!) and a Merida wig that just begged to be photographed.



I’m proud of my hubby for going the full throttle with the kilt.
He tells me that I’m apparently getting one for next year.
(Anyone know of any good vendors that sell kilts that DON’T cost a fortune?)


I’ll admit, these Games were largely put on to show off how tough we are.
(And to give Matt a chance to take his sword somewhere.)



We obviously couldn’t prove our toughness without some tug-o-war competitions…


(This might go without saying, but I was also happy for the chance the Games gave me to practice my photography skills on someone other than my husband—check out how cute!)



And just downright funny…


Can’t wait until next year, Highland Games!


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