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A Few Snaps of the Weekend + A First Haircut

I think I’ll be needing to nurse myself through the first of this week with some Diet Dr. Pepper and fresh strawberries (not mixed–that would be weird), but we aren’t (totally) sorry for our full and busy weekend–it’s definitely one that we won’t be forgetting for a looooooong time, anyway.

1. We knew it would likely be a weekend involving a lot of work (mentioned later), so we decided to cram in the fun stuff as early on as possible (read = Friday afternoon at 3:45 p.m., as soon as Matt came home from work). Every year, North Logan sponsors a Halloween pumpkin walk featuring the most intricate and wildly creative displays of pumpkins you’ll ever see.

While Raven did occasionally stop to look at the scenes and shout “ball!” every time she noticed a particularly interesting pumpkin, she had much more fun people-watching and trying to figure out what the deal was with all the hay bales everywhere.

2. We’ve been experimenting with buying storage sheds up for auction lately, and this weekend, we somehow got it into our crazy heads to buy two. (Never mind that we don’t personally own a vehicle to help us transport it all or that we live in a small two-bedroom apartment…) Anyway, much of the weekend was spent working, indeed (and testing the patience of our dear parents and some of our siblings, as we had to “borrow” their garages and basements to store stuff and/or their man power to help us move and sort).

Saturday found me hanging around at the storage place for almost 8 hours, and Matt had almost 20,000 steps in for the day from all the loading and unloading (while I had around 14,000). Luckily for Raven, she just got a lot of fun time in with grandparents and cousins and avoided quite a bit of the crazy.

I can already tell you that we will never do this big of a unit again (and especially not two) until we have a place of our own (and a truck of our own!).

#sometimeswedokindastupidthings #neverwatchstoragewarsonrepeatbeforegoingtoastorageauction #sorryfamily

3. Raven has been a poster mullet child for the past couple months now, and even I could see that her hair was in need of a trim (so you know it must have been bad). So, as the very last item on our very long to-do list this weekend, we had my mom give Raven her first-ever haircut (while I watched on so that I could replicate it in about a month or two).

I think she was a bit unsettled/undecided about the whole process, overall.

And that’s a wrap, folks! Now I’m off to take some ibuprofen and see if I can stretch some of these cricks out of my back…

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