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(Now) You Know What I Did This Summer


Now that it’s basically almost fall, I figured I’d better get around to finally posting these pics from our family sleepover party from, um, a month ago. I also figured I’d better do an update on how we did on our summer bucket list.

(Of course, if I was really wanting to spend 4 hours on this post instead of the 2+ I’ve already spent, I would have had pictures of each individual event above the actual blurb about it. As it is, you just get a bunch of pictures of the family sleepover we had at our new house and the following day we spent at Hyrum Dam.)


Better done at all (albeit imperfectly) than never started, is what I’m always reminding myself.

But here’s (some of) what we did this summer:


1. Go to all the splash pads in Cache County (there are four)

As I found out after posting my original bucket list, it turns out that there are at least EIGHT splash pads in Cache County, but I’m happy to say that we did, at least, meet the original goal of four, even if we didn’t go to all eight this summer.

(Guess that just leaves us four to check out next year!)

Also, it must be noted that it took pretty much all summer and going to splash pads with older cousins and friends before Raven really actually started to LIKE being at the splash pad (aka, getting wet at all).


2. Try out a new restaurant

Since our budget was pretty much cut to the bone after we moved into a house, I wondered if we’d even be able to make this one happen, but we actually ended up trying TWO new restaurants this summer!

The first was thanks to my stepdad, who gave me some cash on our big moving day and told me to go get dinner after everyone had left. With it, we splurged on a TON of Chinese food from the place just down the street from us (Golden Jade), and I was beyond pleased to note that we FINALLY found a local Chinese place we love, since we’d been looking for years and had never really been satisfied with what we’d found before.

And, in that same week, my dad was out visiting from Kansas City and treated us to The Thai House, a relatively new restaurant in downtown Logan. And it was AMAZING. No, but really–I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Best Thai food I’ve had.


3. Have a Sam’s Club family dinner date

We actually made this one happen, and it made me far happier than most people would think it would, ha ha (apparently my tastes are pretty unrefined). Basically, I was able to get loads of Diet Dr. Pepper (a rare treat now since I’ve broken myself of my need to have it every day this year) and laugh as I watched Raven try and handle one of those massive pieces of pizza by herself.

Basically, it was the cheapest and most filling meal out we could have hoped for, and it was just fun to get out and do something different, ya know?


4. Buy a kiddie pool for Raven to enjoy in our new backyard

This one happened thanks to my mom getting Raven a little pool as a housewarming gift the day we moved in. And even though it would have seen even more use if our basement office didn’t flood every time we used our hose (long story), we still spent many a happy afternoon with that kiddie pool.


5. Visit my friend at her new house

So this one technically didn’t happen, but that same friend came to visit ME at our new house, so that should kind of count, right?

No, but seriously–this is still one that I want to do, and hopefully soon(ish).


6. Go down to the Children’s Museum in Salt Lake

Even though I didn’t do this one to the letter, I’m counting it as a success because I met up with two my high school friends and their kids and we all went to the Children’s Treehouse Museum in Ogden instead.

Of course, this made me want to definitely check out the actual Children’s Museum in Salt Lake soon, but I can shelf it for a future bucket list.


7. Go camping (Raven’s first time!)

So, this is kind of ironic, because all of these pictures from this post? They were *supposed to be* of a campout up Logan Canyon, but when we were unable to get a camping spot the weekend that we wanted, everyone ended up spending the night at our new place instead, which was a good motivator for me to hunker down and get pretty much everything unpacked and the house ready for guests.

Even though we still haven’t actually gone camping with Raven, I’m still counting this one as a success because we *kind of* camped when we went to go watch the solar eclipse in August (even though we slept in a trailer instead of a tent).

Either way, we ate s’mores and ended up smelling like campfire and sweat, so it’s pretty much camping, right?


8. Watch the solar eclipse

We did this, and the eclipse was incredible. But, since I wrote all about it in this post, I won’t see any more here.


9. Take a weekend trip down to Capitol Reef

I knew this was the least likely to happen, and I was right—it just wasn’t in the budget. However, Matt has been given some vacation time at work, so we might (?) be able to swing this in the fall. Maybe.

If not, then hopefully next year.


10. Go on a new local hike

I really need to remember that trying out a new hike is generally NOT a good goal for summer–it’s usually just too dang hot to want to go! I think this would be a perfect goal to put on our fall bucket list, however.


11. Check out an event at the library in our new town

Hmmm…this one didn’t technically happen, but it wasn’t through any fault of mine–apparently, other than a summer reading program for older kids and teens, our new local library puts a hold on events such as reading hours and “Mommy & Me” time until fall (aka, now).

I literally have plans to go to one such event this next coming Monday (it’s in my phone and everything), so this goal should be crossed off real soon.


12. Take Raven to an amusement park

We did this last weekend, and it was HILARIOUS (and also kind of sad) to watch Raven’s reactions to the various rides. She positively bawled on a couple of them (pics to come), but she did warm up considerably to the whole idea by the end. I’m excited to try this out again in a couple years, when she’s a bit older and can appreciate the thrill of the rides even more.


Final Total: 8 out of 12—Not too bad! (Especially considering that two more will likely be completed very soon).

Now I’ve just got to get brainstorming for fall—seemingly everyone’s favorite season. It’s going to be a good one, I think!



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