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Baby #2: Boy or Girl?

Ever since I was convinced Raven would be a boy and then found out she was not, in fact, going to be a boy, I’ve basically stopped trusting any instincts I have one way or another when it comes to predicting the gender of my pregnancies.

But, just because people would ask if I had a feeling one way or another with this one, I would answer truthfully and say that I thought it might be a boy because the pregnancy has been quite different than my pregnancy with Raven. (And I figured that either way, I have a 50/50 chance of being right, so I might as well play my odds, right?)

Well, I’m currently 1 for 2 on my predictions, so…50/50.

And thrilled both times with the results, regardless of whether I was proved right or wrong!

Basically, I was thrilled to find out that Baby #2 is, in fact, going to be a BOY, but I was just as thrilled to find out that everything looks great and that our newest little peanut is growing along right as he should (and it was gratifying to see onscreen why I was able to feel this baby so soon—this kid is a MOVER!). What made the gender reveal even more special was that Matt’s parents and my mom were able to drive up to the ultrasound appointment, which I’d invited them to since I thought they might like to see a 3D ultrasound (never having had the experience before).

We’re super excited and feeling a bit in over our heads (seeing as we’ve never had a boy before), but I figured we’d probably feel that way regardless of the gender because we’ve never had a second baby before (and we haven’t had THIS baby before), so really, any way you look at it, it’s always going to be a learning curve.

We’re all pretty stoked to meet our little guy around July 10th, though! (And if he’s anything like his big sister, we might even get lucky and have him come ON his actual original due date!)

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