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All Moved In…Now Where To Put It All?

Less than a week ago, we returned from a week of bliss, relaxation, and no responsibilities…to this:

The only saving grace from the massive chaotic disturbance known as our apartment was the fact that Matt’s awesome sisters-in-law had broken in while we were gone and left us lots of surprises–balloons, streamers, rose petals, chocolates, candles…and half a kitchen floor full of groceries. I told Matt that if I had been in a crying mood then, I would have cried cuz I was so happy for all those groceries…and chocolates…

But still, the mess persisted, and at times the clean-up seemed overwhelming. It seemed we did nothing but unpack and move everything from one end of the apartment to the other, run upstairs and downstairs with arms laden full of gifts and papers, and take the occasional break to eat cereal in front of the t.v. and watch The Big Bang Theory (those breaks magically appeared to happen more frequently about halfway through the week and onward).

Below is a picture of our second bedroom (which we’ll eventually be using as a study…when it no longer looks like this. In the next century).

Happily, the only organized spot amidst all that chaos was the bookshelf we had so lovingly stocked with about a fifth of all my books. It was literally the only sane spot in the whole house.

Every night around 11:30, we tended to just give up to go and read in bed.

But…after six days of nonstop shuffling and organizing and going crazy, we finally have a livable main floor. And now, for a short list of some of the things I love about the new apartment:

*Having all of that cupboard space just for ME (well, and Matt)–not having to worry about fitting all of these cans, mixes, and spices into one-half of a tiny shared kitchen cabinet. Isn’t the sight of all that beautiful, organized nourishment just music to your eyes???

*Also, note in the picture below the gleaming knife set we bought using some of our Target gift cards. The blades are so sharp, Matt cut through the pie tin while serving up our Frozen Strawberry Pie last night (recipe to follow)

*Oh, and I must mention that I love having a dishwasher…even if I do have some bones to pick with it (see my forthcoming post mentioned at the end of this list)

*I love all the bookshelves we have (we’re now up to 3.5, if you count the one on the side of our t.v. stand as a half)

*Oh, and can I say, I’m a little partial to seeing all the pictures of us up on the walls, too. I never thought I’d be so vain as to say that I love looking at pictures of us all day long on the fresh white walls we painted ourselves 🙂

*I love finally being able to sit down without having to move a billion boxes/frames/appliances first.

*I love how Matt has helped with everything–last night, we hung all the pictures together, with me shaking my head saying, “That’s not right–it’s crooked” about a million times, and Matt was so very patient.

*Cute thoughtfulness from my new hubby: Matt, being awfully quiet upstairs for a long period of time, finally convinced me to come up to the bedroom under some pretense of getting something or other. To my delight, he’d not only set up the new shoe rack we bought (also using Target gift cards), but he’d organized all of my 30+ pairs of shoes, going so far as to group all the similar shoes together (note the heels on one shelf, the flip-flops on top, etc.)

*Having a HUGE closet that’s finally big enough to fit all of my clothes! And I don’t even have to take up any of Matt’s space…well, not really…

Someday soon (probably within 24 hours or so), I’ll do a lovely post where I rant and whine and moan about all the things I DON’T love about the place. But for now, I’ll just drink in the fact that it’s summery outside, the dishes are done, and I’ve been lounging on the couch for an hour without a care in the world reading the O magazine while Matt rubs my feet. Home sweet home.

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