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Deck the Halls…With a New Couch!


I wasn’t sure if it would ever happen in my lifetime, but here we are—the proud owners of a brand-new couch!

People, I’ve lived on my own (aka, not with my parents) for about 12 years now, and in all that time, I have NEVER owned a new couch. For years, whatever apartment I was renting during college provided some sketchy model for us, and once we got married, our couch was secondhand. You might remember that back when we first refreshed our new front room, I talked about how we DREAMED of getting a new navy blue couch to put in it, but I had no idea it would happen so soon.

No, we’d resigned ourselves that we would probably be stuck with our old plaid (but dreamily comfy!) couch forever, which we’d inherited upon our marriage from my cousin and his wife. (Okay, we knew we wouldn’t have it forever, but I figured we’d have it until someone else bought a new couch and we took over their old one.)

But, thanks to my mom and stepdad, we have finally fulfilled my wish of owning a piece of brand-new furniture (other than our mattress) to call our very own.

These are big milestones, friends.

A happy little bonus is that our Christmas tree/decor actually contains a lot of elements of blue, so the two look especially nice together. (Note: I’m hoping to acquire a garland of some sort to hang over those hooks that the stockings are currently on, but it will all depend on what’s on clearance the day after Christmas this year…)

Don’t mind that massive box in the background of the picture above—that’s just one of Raven’s Christmas presents, which I need to figure out how to wrap before tomorrow…

In other news, we’re celebrating our Christmas early (as always). Tomorrow, as a matter of fact. And the funny thing is, it wasn’t until we were at the car place this morning watching the Christmas special of Doc McStuffins on the t.v. there that Raven all of a sudden seemed to “get” Santa. All of a sudden, she looked at me, her eyes big, and said, “Santa comes to our house?”

After I confirmed that he’d in fact be coming to our house TONIGHT, I’ve heard of nothing else ever since.

(I’ve also caught her multiple times since then being awfully quiet near the tree and “inspecting” all the packages beneath it. Luckily she has yet to actually try opening one.)


Our plans are to open presents upon waking, have a nice breakfast meal (or as nice a breakfast meal as I can muster up, considering that I still feel pretty wretched and sicky-sick every time I enter the kitchen), and maybe head up the canyon to go on a “horse-drawn sleigh” to see some elk. The rest of the weekend will be spent participating in our church’s special Christmas program on the 24th, hitting up Matt’s extended family Christmas party, and making sure Raven gets lots of time with grandparents and cousins (and I’m hoping I’ll get treated to a nap or two myself).

Hope your Christmas is a wonderful one!

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