Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*I have recently discovered two new walking trails, and I’m super stoked—our go-to place has always been the dam just up the street from us, but I’ve always been the type that needs a lot of novelty in my life, so I’ve just been itching to get back out on these beauties (for all you Logan people, they’re the River Trail just up by Stokes Nature Center and the River Walk just down by the golf course. Yeah, apparently Logan needs to get more creative with her name game).

*Really, I should be discovering two new trails every week considering what a nature hot spot that Logan is, but even though I crave novelty, I don’t always go out and make it happen. Isn’t that weird?

*Confession: I am a Spider Solitaire freak. I have been playing more games of it lately than I care to admit, and I’m on a hot winning streak: I’ve won over 50 games in a row on the “advanced” level, and I don’t plan on losing any anytime soon. You see, my very first employer (who also happened to be my next-door neighbor) often liked to play the game on his lunch break, and I noticed that he was often going back and undoing all the moves he’d just done. When I asked him why, he said that he believed that every single game of Spider Solitaire could be beaten, but that it sometimes required going back to the beginning and starting several times over again. Well, so far I’m proving him right—some games take me hours to figure out (kinda embarrassing to admit that that’s how much free time I sometimes have lately), but I always beat them in the end.

*I’m a little more proud of that fact than I probably should be.

*I finished two books yesterday (both life-changing!), and while I was entering them onto my “Reading List” page (click on the tab above), I realized that I have officially read more books now at this point in the year than I did in all last year combined. Who knew that the secret to reading more wasn’t me setting a goal of how many books I should read per year–it was me committing to a resolution to read at least two chapters a day from any book. Go me!

*See this picture of all these gorgeous people? Yeah, I’m lucky enough to work with these ladies on at least a bi-weekly basis. This is my young women’s organization (along with two of our six young women), and they are constantly inspiring me to become a better version of myself. (Side note: this is a picture I took at our last weekly activity, which is when I found out about one of these great trails in Logan I never knew about.)

*It’s funny how little I mention about my calling and these ladies on here (esp. considering how much I see them). But considering that this here bloggie can only cover about 10% of my life, I guess it’s not so strange. Just know that they’re an important part of my life and that they’re basically awesome.

*So tomorrow is our favorite Utah holiday (Pioneer Day), and I don’t really have any big plans. I am excited to go down to Bountiful and spend a lot of time with my family and best friend, but I’m sad that Matt won’t be coming with me (as he’s off to Scout Camp—-boo). Oh well—maybe I’ll be able to scare up a barbecue and catch the fireworks from the roof. Whatevs.

*Random question: in the book I just finished (Born to Run), it talks about how bad running shoes are for your body and how they make you much more prone to injury. Although they don’t go out and say anything for sure on the “barefoot shoes” (just on literal barefoot running), I’ve been tempted to save up and get me a pair. Do you know of anyone that’s bought those funny-looking barefoot shoes (the ones where you can see all the individual toes)? Do you know if they work?

*Last weekend on our date (which I’ll post about on another day), Matt and I did something we swore we’d never do again: we went back to the Pepperidge Farm outlet. You see, the last time we went, we were so disappointed in the lack of selection and in the sharp increase in prices that we decided it wouldn’t be worth our while to ever go back. Well, since we happened to be in the area ANYWAY last Friday, we decided to just go give it another shot. I think buying that four-pound bag of Lido cookies for $8 just might be the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to me.

*Well I’m off to donate plasma. (Speaking of donating plasma, I had to go to the emergency room the other day to see a friend–don’t worry, everything’s fine–and upon seeing one of the plasma phlebotomists there, I immediately calmed down. I decided that’s a scary sign that I’ve probably spent WAY too much of my life at the plasma center…)


Have a killer Tuesday, friend!

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