Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All


*Can I brag for a minute? I’ll just have you know that I made the BEST banana cream pie of my life the other night—seriously, it was so creamy and delicious and banana-y that I just wanted to die. The secret? Homemade whipped cream in both the pudding/filling and as a thick topping. Ah-mazing.

*In other food news, we got our first zucchini from our garden today. It happened by accident, actually—we didn’t have any zucchinis (to our knowledge) on Sunday, and then today—BAM! (One came off in my hand when I was lifting it to check out its size.) I just sliced and grilled it with salt and olive oil, and I think I’m in summer-vegetable heaven now. Better say a quick prayer that I don’t get olive oil on the keyboard.

*So all week, I’ve been (and will be) at this big teaching convention that’s all about implementing the Common Core (spoiler alert: all you people listening to the political hoo-hah about the Core being evil and a federal control tool, you seriously need to re-check your facts). Anyway, this is literally the first time I’ve really thought about the fact that I’ll actually be returning to the classroom in about a month and a half. Oh, summer without responsibility, you were SO nice while you lasted.

*Matt and I are starting the tediously long process of starting to look at and get ready to apply to grad schools (for Matt’s physical therapy degree). I’m trying not to freak out about the whole thing, but I REALLY hope he’s able to get in this first year he’s applying. Anyone got any tips when it comes to applying to grad schools? Or know of any good PT schools (besides the U of U, which is impossible to get into)?

*While on the topic, Matt has to take the GRE. Has anyone taken it that knows of some good websites that will help him prepare?

*You know, sometimes I let myself stop and think about what it’s going to be like when Matt’s all done with school (in about 4 years), and it’s like I hit a mental block—then it hits me: I don’t know what it’s like not to be married to a full-time student. It will be so WEIRD. I mean, we’ll actually have MONEY. And probably a little Meidell running around that we’ll actually be able to feed expensive things like farmer’s market strawberries and organic eggs instead of rice and beans. So crazy!

*Last night, I finally finished taking all the letters I received while on my mission, putting them in page protectors, and organizing them chronologically. Cool fact: my mom wrote me literally every single week on my mission. And Matt? Even after I “Dear John’ed” him, he STILL wrote me more often than anyone else besides my mom. What a guy, eh? It only took him 9 years of persistence to win me over, but I’m sure glad he did! What a hunk 🙂

*I’ve been seriously jonesing some good photography time, but I’ve found that besides our beloved trio of Dams up Logan Canyon, I don’t really know where to go to take pictures around here. I feel like if I were a REAL artist, I should be able to take pictures of the things I see everyday and make them beautiful, but I don’t know…maybe I just need to get my butt out of the house more, turn off Psych (which is like the endless background music of our household), and just take a good old-fashioned walk every now and then. In fact, maybe I’ll do that right now.

*Right after I check my Top 50 favorite blogs, that is 🙂

*You know what’s about the saddest thing ever? The fact that with the ending of this week, my summer will be half over. It’s enough to make me wanna cry, eat a whole bunch of fresh-picked garden vegetables, and make about another 10 pies before the week’s end.

*Whelp, I’ve got me some summer to love on—check y’all later! (hopefully with a lot more photos on our camera!)

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