Tuesday Tell-All

Tell-All Tuesday

*I just love this cheesy photo that we took of our celebratory Christmas feast that we had last Friday, just the two of us. We wanted to make sure that “our” Christmas as a couple didn’t get lost amidst all the hoopla of our family affairs, so we set aside Friday night to have a roast turkey dinner (with sparkling cider) and then we did stockings and presents on Friday morning. I’ll post more pictures a little later.

*Guess what my mom and stepdad got me? A NOOK!!! I pretty much haven’t been so excited about a Christmas gift for, well, years. Not that I haven’t loved other Christmas gifts (because I’ve gotten some pretty awesome gifts in my lifetime), but I just was as excited as a little kid when I opened my book. I haven’t been able to stop playing with it since!

*I was planning on this Friday being my last day at work, but it turns out that they’re not really having hardly anyone work at all this week. So it looks like today was probably my last day (although I’m “on call” the rest of the week, just in case they need someone to hold down the fort). You wanna know the weird thing? Even though I’ve been looking forward to this moment for months, I was actually pretty sad when the moment to say goodbye came. Had I stayed any longer, I might have gotten a little choked up. I am so WEIRD.

*I don’t want to take down our Christmas tree. It’s just so pretty and sparkly and mesmerizing.

*I actually finished reading A Christmas Carol aloud to Matt yesterday while we were driving back to Logan (I’ll do a book review on it in the next couple days). I am now threatening to read Pride and Prejudice aloud to him just as soon as I get it on my Nook…

*Wanna know a funny story? So Matt’s extended family’s big Christmas party was on Saturday, and we had to bring a white elephant gift. With hours to go before the party, we finally went to my mom and asked her if she had anything we could use for gifts. My stepdad ran into the other room to get something that he was willing to part with, and then my mom pulled out this cookbook of slow cooker recipes. After just glancing at the cookbook, I told my mom I wanted it, and she said that she hadn’t really planned on parting with it, but that if I were to “get” this gift in the white elephant exchange, then she would let me take it. Matt assured me that his family would definitely not be interested in such a gift, so I figured we were safe. Long story short: Matt’s family rules of the game say that you can only trade one gift three times before it’s “frozen.” Well guess which gift was frozen immediately because literally everyone wanted it? The cookbook. My mom was so mad when she found out. And I was pretty sad, too, cuz it was pretty awesome. Oh well.

*Have I told you all before that I’m completely addicted to Tootsie Rolls? I can literally chain eat about fifty of them without blinking an eye, and still want more. Matt got me a bag for Christmas. I bet you’ll never guess what’s littering the computer table right now…

*Guess what Matt got for Christmas from my mom and stepdad? A GPS! You know what this means, everyone? We’ll never get lost again! Unless, of course, the woman in the GPS gets lost, which, if you’ll read here, can actually really happen…

*Since so many of these are about Christmas, I probably should just do a Christmas Tell-All. Hmmm….