Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

My brain has been feeling overloaded and soggy all week long, and I blame it on the lack of brain dump that is Tell-All Tuesday. So here you go.

*For the first time since starting the marathon training, I don’t want to go running. I blame the fact that I’ve been sitting in a student teaching seminar for 7 hours straight today. I mean, who wants to do ANYTHING after that?

*We’re having the roach spray guy come again today. Actually, he’s in my house now. That is why I am not. I’m tired of worrying about the little buggers (even though we, very luckily, haven’t had any problems yet)

*Matt and I experienced a miracle yesterday. Hopefully I’ll have the motivation to post about it later, because it was a needed reminder that my prayers are always heard and that I really need to stop worrying so much.

*I take the Praxis exam again this Saturday, this time in Math and Principles of Teaching. I’ve been trying to teach myself Matrix (Linear) Algebra and Discrete Mathematics all week. Needless to say, I’m a little stressed out about it.

*I start student teaching next Tuesday. After two full-day seminars yesterday and today, I am about 100 times more nervous about it than I was three days ago. This has led me to conclusively state that the less I think about things, the better I feel about them.

*I came to the sudden, sickening realization that this semester is going to look suspiciously like the summer, meaning that Matt and I will hardly ever see each other. I hate it already.

*I am teaching my first-ever class on couponing tomorrow night. To tell the truth, I’ve barely even thought about it. I wonder why?

*Do you ever feel sometimes like the people who know you the least think that you’re all great, and that the people who know you the best don’t? That probably came out way more depressing than I meant it, but it was just something I was thinking about today. It’s a good thing that the people who know us the best love us anyway though, despite the fact that they’re familiar with WAY more of our imperfections.

*All right, I’d better go muster up the energy to run before the sun is gone and it’s time for my Relief Society meeting tonight. And before I post more depressing rhetorical questions that weren’t meant to be depressing.

*Oh, how I missed having my banana-oatmeal smoothie today. 

*(I just had to end on a food note. It’s tradition!)

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