Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*It’s a sign you’ve been blogging too long when you all of a sudden you develop this weird obsession with cool red barns by your house *just because you think they would be the perfect backdrop for a picture on a Sunday stroll.*

*(blogger nerd alert!)

*P.S. Do you like Matt’s outfit? He only changes out of his white shirt on Sundays–the pants for some reason get to stay. So weird.

*Scariest thing to happen to me #413: last Saturday, Matt hears a horrified scream coming from upstairs, where I had just turned on my hairdryer to blow dry my just-washed mane. The scream was elicited by a certain fireworks-show-worthy stream of sparks that started shooting out of the end of my blowdryer. Seriously, blowdryer company? Whatcha trying to do to me?

*So now I’m (obviously) in the market for a blowdryer. Anyone have a particular brand or kind they recommend?

*My students start end-of-level testing tomorrow. I don’t know who is freaking out more–me or them.

*Probably me. I don’t think most of them care one way or another.

*We checked out how our garden was doing over the weekend, and it looks like we’ve got ourselves some seedlings! I was a little worried because of all the below-freezing temps we’ve had over the past two weeks, but we’ve got ourselves at least three radish plants and one pea plant. It’s not much yet, but considering we planted a couple hundred seeds…we should get lucky a few more times 🙂

*Matt and I are now official members of the Disney club, and we were WAY too excited to get our first six movies yesterday. Seriously, we have a movie problem. And a book problem. And an avocado-and-cheese problem.

*There are worse addictions though, right?

*Remember how I went to that family history fair over the weekend? Yeah, I felt like I was pretty much the youngest person there.

*Weirdly, I kinda liked that.

*I’ve convinced my social dance kids to do a performance for the school at the end of the year. I’m going to –hold your breath– attempt to actually teach them a lift.

*I’d better not get sued for this.

*Anyway, I’ve got an avocado-cheese-hot-sauce tortilla waiting for me before I head out to go visiting teaching, so I’m out—

*What’s been up in your world? Any other crazy blowdryer stories?


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