Anniversary Picnic

For our anniversary yesterday, Matt made the excellent suggestion that we take a picnic lunch up the canyon and enjoy a nice hike in the great outdoors. Besides being kind of romantic, it was also free (therefore making it the perfect date).

Last summer, we went to this place in City Hall that has all these brochures and travel guides for tourists coming through. We, being firm believers of the staycation, milked the place for all it was worth and walked out with a massive paper load that closely resembled all of Matt’s textbooks stacked on top of each other. We finally put all these brochures to good use yesterday, when we realized we had no idea where any good hikes were in Logan, despite my having lived here for 7 years.

We finally decided on the Wind Caves, a short 4-mile hike (round trip) that ends in these gorgeous, triple-arch, wind-formed caves that provide the perfect amount of shade for a handpacked little picnic lunch.

And the bonus? Since we went on a Monday morning when most people have work and all their kids are in school, we pretty much had the place (almost) to ourselves.

What a great day!

For anyone in the Logan area who’s looking for a great hike, I highly recommend this one. It’s a little steep, but the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the delicate arches of the caves at the end make the whole thing worth it.

Happy anniversary to us!

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