What Fun Is

What Fun Is:

*Rickety white-turning-brown roller coasters that are thrilling mostly due to the fact that you’re not sure if they’re going to kill you or not

*Smooth-consistency blue rasberry Icees shared between lovers (and by lovers, I mean me and the hubby. It would NOT be fun just watching someone else enjoy all that goodness).

*Reading the sign on a particular water ride that says, “You will get wet, you may get soaked!” and laughing. Then coming off that same ride drenched from head to foot, and not entirely laughing. But laughing a little bit.

*Getting free hamburgers and potato salad for lunch (whipped-cream-topped Jell-o, too!) because your stepdad works for Questar, who sponsored this whole day of fun

*Watching your hubby ride the awesomest roller coaster in the park for the first time (Wicked, in this case), and hearing him giggle like a pre-adolescent middle schooler

*Both getting almost-sick on the brand new, spin-you-all-directions-while-going-upside-down Air Waves ride. Then laughing like 15-year-old dweebs and saying, “Yeah! So cool!”

*Watching all the teenagers desperately seeking attention from the opposite sex, and being so glad that you’re finally over that stage. (Although, let’s admit–you know you did the same thing!)

So thanks Lagoon, for truly defining what fun really is.
And thanks to my hubby, who knows that we’re not as young as we used to be and knows when to call it quits because all the fun that will be had has been had 🙂
We lasted six hours, btw.
We are old indeed 🙂

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