Fun With Friends

Ladies’ Night Out

Every time I go out for a ladies’ night, I always think to myself, “Why on earth do I not do this more often?” I mean, I love spending time with the hubby and all (of course), but sometimes a little woman-to-woman chat time is exactly what the mental doctor ordered.

I served with all these women (plus one, who is out of town) in one of the leadership organizations in our church, and since I was recently moved to the young women’s organization, I’ve really missed their company. We decided to all get together since our lives seem to keep pulling us in all different directions (one has already moved, and one more is moving soon). We all met up at Firehouse Pizza, where we enjoyed massive amounts of cheesy dishes (plus side salads, of course) and a whole lot of catching up.

Thanks ladies, for the charming evening–it seriously was exactly what I needed!

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