Spring Break?

Sorry that I haven’t posted in awhile, folks–I am officially on spring break. Although you’d never know by looking at what Matt and I have done this week…basically our week has just been one crazy-long wedding to-do list. People keep telling us to enjoy all the stress of it, but I personally won’t mind when it’s all over. At least we’ve gotten most of the big stuff out of the way and done with.

But check out how cute—Matt felt bad because I felt pretty sick after my doctor appointment yesterday, so he took me to a candy store so we could find some Charleston Chews (my favorite), took me out to Winger’s for some hamburger love, and then did not put up any fight or emit any sarcastic responses when I said that I wanted to watch America’s Next Top Model and Shedding for the Wedding. Now THAT’S true love.
And speaking of love, we really loved the way our engagement pictures turned out–I’ll try and post some of those on here as soon as we get all the edited ones from Chelsee (of Chelsee Hanna Photography). So I’ll keep you posted.
Until then, Matt and I decided to take a one-hour fun trip to the used book store on Main Street and to Marie Callendar’s to pick up some Banana Cream Pie. Peace out!

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