Summerfest – Logan Style

It finally came! A day when we saw each other for more than 10 minutes!
(stupid conflicting job schedules…)

After picking up my Bountiful Basket this morning (the blackberries were especially delicious!), Matt and I decided to go over and check out Logan’s Summerfest, where his mom had set up a booth as one of the artists.

Here’s Sherry Meidell’s booth (don’t pay any attention to me—who knows what I’m doing or thinking when this picture was taken; Matt has a good habit of catching me at really weird moments with the camera. Or maybe I just get weird whenever a camera comes out). Sherry’s a children’s book illustrator who specializes in watercolor, and her stuff is amazing. Check out her blog here
Sherry came up Thursday for the show and to stay with us and Matt’s dad Dave came Friday to spend time up here as well. I decided I love having people stay over—maybe it’s because I like having lots of people to cook for, or maybe it’s because it means we have more people to play card games with us, or maybe it’s just because it forces me to clean the house…

Overall, this Summerfest (more like just an art festival) was nothing like the Summerfests I was used to growing up. Each year, Bountiful City hosts a Summerfest International, which features dancers and artists from countries all around the world. When I was in junior high, I used to volunteer to work at the Coke stand so I could meet cute boys. But going to Logan’s Summerfest was much better–not only was it free to get in, but I could leave anytime I wanted and I also had the most attractive boy in the park holding my hand the whole time…unlike in my young teenage years, when the attractive boys were always holding other girls’ hands…
After browsing the booths, Matt and I decided to take a ten-minute tour of Logan’s old-school Main Street, where we found our way into a used bookstore (are you surprised? I know you’re not).
(random pic of an artist’s cool windmill things)
Finally, we came back to home base (Sherry’s booth) for the pastrami-and-cheese sandwiches Matt had made for us and a whole lot of ripe plums, fresh blackberries, and even a handful or two of sugared almonds from a neighboring artists.

It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon…except that Matt had to go to work right after.


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