Playing Photographer

On Monday, my friend Liz told me about a great opportunity to “shadow” a professional photographer on a shoot (at which Liz was the model). Although much of the shoot was spent observing the photographer and helping her out with her light reflector, I still learned a ton (and had a few chances to get some shots myself).


Even though at the end of the day, I left pretty intimidated by the other photographer (Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen—check her out on Facebook!), I also left feeling rather heartened:

Sure my shots weren’t going to be as amazing as hers, but I was encouraged to discover that I already DO a lot of the things that she did, like checking my lighting, directing my subject(s), and taking some risks.


Even though the shoot was her shoot and not mine, I still had fun getting some shots from the sidelines, and I was grateful for an opportunity to grow in this hobby of mine that’s quickly becoming a passion.


Thank you to Liz and Elizabeth for letting me tag along!

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