Just So You Know What to Expect

I’m still hoping to get a few posts up on the blog this next week, but just so you know, I STILL have over 500 pages of writing left to grade by Thursday night, and I can’t make any promises when it comes to my blog this week.

However, lest you fear that I did no grading over the weekend like an irresponsible adult, I DID in fact manage to grade the 150 tests I mentioned in last week’s post.

So, progress.

From the beginning of my teaching career, I made a resolution that I would never bring my work home with me unless I absolutely had to–I knew that with my disposition, it would suit me far better to keep my work and home sphere as separate as possible.

However, desperate times come for desperate measures, which is why you’ll notice that these pictures were taken in my very own kitchen (on a SATURDAY, no less).

Many other teachers think I’m crazy for staying at the school until all hours of the evening on most days finishing up my work and planning for the next day’s lesson and grading papers, but there’s something to be said about knowing that when I’m home, I’m there to really be HOME (and not working still).

Therefore, if you come by my apartment this week, good luck finding me there (because you almost surely won’t).

Do you try and keep your work and home life separate?


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