Teacher on Spring Break Seeking Adventure


You guys—I’m on spring break. I have actually been on spring break since Tuesday at exactly 3:06 PM.

Sadly, you wouldn’t know it by looking at my daily activities though, which have been noteworthy only in the fact that I’ve gotten a little bit of extra sleep.

Recently, I have come to accept the fact that I no longer live a super exciting life filled with spontaneous adventures and lots of drama. I no longer yearn to “go out on the town” (aka, bowling or out to the movies or out to eat) with loads and loads of people on Friday and Saturday nights, and my life is no longer filled (thankfully) with the daily dose of drama that seems to come hand-in-hand along with the single life.

Usually I don’t miss the excitement, as my job spurs me to seek as much quiet and tranquility as possible to rev me up for the next day of teaching.

But sometimes it’s hard to think that my spring break–a time period that used to be synonymous with sun and adventure and staying up late–has now become synonymous with housework, grocery shopping, and running all the errands I’ve put off forever.


When exactly did I become an adult?!


I remember when I was younger (mid-teens, perhaps) and vowed–VOWED!–that I would never become one of “those adults” who thought a good time was staying in and watching reruns or doing yard work on Saturday mornings. I vowed to myself that I would constantly seek adventure and stimulation and novelty, and that I would do it surrounded by my 6 best friends who would always be as big a part of my daily life as they were back in junior high.

Funny how life changes your perspective.

But sometimes, I do still crave more excitement in my life although (paradoxically) I don’t usually try to seek it out anymore. Perhaps it’s because I still remember all too well that with “excitement” and “adventure” also comes other words like “risk” and “effort.” And sometimes my creature-comforts-loving self just doesn’t want to give up the tranquility that comes with routine.

I do need to get out and experience more though–I have been becoming increasingly more restless over the past few months, which will result in a huge change (like a move or a job change) unless I can get it under control by experiencing new things in other ways.

So this weekend, Matt and I are off to find ourselves some good old-fashioned excitement through exploring a new national park, seeing if we can meet up with some friends when we travel to our hometown, and trying out a new exercise routine with my sister (well, that last one will just be me).

Hopefully that will be enough to break the funk because otherwise, I just might be starting to scout around for new places to live…

Do you get restless in your routine? Do you ever miss the excitement of your younger years?

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