The Present

Last night I remarked in my journal that I’ve been working on becoming more present lately, a habit that yoga is helping me a lot with. So much of my life is go, go, go that it becomes easy to just scurry around and think about whatever task looms in my near future instead of savoring the tender moments God seems to send me nestled between stressful events. Since Matt and I started our “Photo Walks,” I’ve started noticing the little beauties in nature more, like this incredible sunset from last night. It was so amazing I made Matt come outside with my camera and take pictures of it (since I was heading off to work). Oh, how I’d love a really nice camera so that I could have more fully captured all the colors!!

One of the journal prompts I did this week (more on this coming up in the CIU Challenge #4) was about just writing in the moment. So here’s a short excerpt from that:

It’s hard to be present when so much is on my mind–hard to notice the warmth under my Braves blanket but the coldness of my un-socked feet, hard to notice the hum of the bathroom fan…even hard to notice the subtle hunger building in my stomach. The room is messy, with a stack of books higher than my bed leaning against the dusty nightstand. Someday I will have the time to read them all.

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