Wear It Or Share It

WIOSI Challenge Item #4

I’m feeling a little down tonight, so this post might not be as detailed as it could be. This last piece I wore for the WIOSI Challenge got mixed reviews even in person–some people (strangers, actually) gave me some nice compliments on it, but other people (who I know better) said that it wasn’t their favorite. The piece is this crochet-like dark brown top from Old Navy. I used to wear it all the time (rotating the colors I wore underneath), but after putting on a few extra pounds on the mish, I haven’t had the heart to put it on. I was excited to have this pair of skinny Aeropostale jeans back, though–I accidentally left them in Bountiful and had to go an entire month without them.

So, the big question: Wear It or Share It?

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