Wear It Or Share It

Wear It or Share It Challenge!!

For the beginning of 2011, I only set 4 “Big Picture” goals–read the entire New Testament with all the footnotes, do the 50 Book Challenge, get my cholesterol down to healthy range (ha!), and purge my closet. You see, what started happening was this: once I stopped growing, I had a harder and harder time getting rid of things, because I always would reason that during some elusive future occasion, I would need such-and-such article of clothing, and that if I threw it away now, I would be hating on myself when that elusive day finally came around. Long story short: I have an overcrowded closet, an overcrowded dresser, and shoes all over the place. So I have come up with a challenge for myself–the Wear It or Share It challenge. I’m giving myself one month to wear all those pieces that I haven’t pulled out in years for whatever reason. I’ll post pictures here on facebook, and you can all weigh in on whether it’s worth keeping or if I should “share” it (with my pals at the DI).

So, up for your consideration is Piece #1: The black and white polka-dot collared shirt. I don’t usually wear it too often because it’s a little shorter than I like and one of the buttons frequently comes undone (hence the belt).
Wear It or Share It??

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