The First Snow

Well, it happened yesterday:

The first snow.

I woke up feeling refreshingly well-rested thanks to Daylight Savings, and the world seemed a little brighter than normal outside our windows. I gasped a little as I opened the curtains—the world had received its powdered sugar coating from the King of all creators, and it was stunning.

Even though the magic of snowfall tends to wear off for me as soon as Jan. 1st hits, I am not yet jaded by its appearance.

But here’s something these pictures don’t tell you:

As I stole out of the house early yesterday morning with Matt to take some pics, I asked him as I was heading out the door, “Hey, where do you think a good spot would be?”

All of a sudden, literally no more than about a foot from where I’d just stepped, I heard, “Right here.”

I’m shocked I didn’t let out a scream, it scared me so bad—I looked around, and there was a strange man sitting cross-legged just outside our door who was obviously drunk or just very, very hungover. I don’t know who found the other more strange at that moment—me finding him drunk on my doorstep, or him seeing me all dressed up posing for the camera.

It’s a strange world we live in.

It was a lovely weekend, though—despite Matt and I spending 7 hours on Saturday being test proctors up on campus (an easy $200!), we had loads of time to read, cuddle, and catch up on America’s Next Top Model.

The weekend was just what I needed to prep for the next two weeks, which should be a bit grueling—not only am I finishing up the first trimester at my school (which means that I have hundreds upon hundreds of papers, essays, and tests to grade and enter into the computer over the next 10 work days), but Matt is also coming up on his first PT school application deadline.

I’ve been praying for months that everything would work out, and even though we’re both super stressed out, things are finally starting to fall into place.

I don’t imagine that our lives will get too much easier with the holidays descending upon us, but for now, I’m enjoying the freshly fallen snow and the first cups of hot cocoa.

How early is too early to put up Christmas decorations? 🙂


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