The Day I (Almost) Cried at School

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Here we are, almost into the single digits of how many days of school are left, and the kids are driving me bat-crap crazy. Yeah, you heard me.

Then WHY on earth would I start tearing up today when I thought about how much I would miss some of them?

AGGGGHHH—teacher hormones!!

So this is what happened:

Last week, each teacher was asked to write letters to certain students who had qualified for our end-of-year Breakfast of Champions because of perfect life skills scores or high academics. Apparently all the students who were going to receive our letters received them yesterday because this morning, one of my students (a boy who stands at about 6’2″ as a 7th grader) comes into my class before school starts and says, “Mrs. Meidell–thank you SO much for that awesome letter you sent me yesterday. It made both me AND my parents cry. It was so sweet.”

I tried to say something appropriate back, but I’m sure it was one of the most awkward conversations he’d ever had with me because I was trying SO hard not to tear up. I tried to escape down to the office to collect myself before school started, but when another girl said pretty much the same thing as I made my way through the halls…

Well, let’s just say that the last day of school isn’t probably going to be as jubilantly joyous as I am often making it out to be in my head (and not just because of all the grading I’ll be doing that day).

Gosh darn it!

I really will miss these kids.

The stinkers.

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