Ms. Auntie Space Case

So, embarrassing true story: yesterday, Matt and I had the pleasure of attending the baby blessing of this sweet little guy  (my nephew). Well, when he was born two months ago, my sister sent out a mass text telling us his name, weight, and so forth. The text said that his name was Bode, so immediately in my head, I thought it was going to be pronounced like abode, but without the ‘a’ in front. So all this time, Matt and I have been going around telling everyone about Bode and wiggling our fingers in front of his face and saying, “Oh, Bode, you cute little thing, you!”

Until yesterday, during one of these finger-wiggling moments, when my mother finally had to correct me, “Hello! His name is Bod-EE, NOT Bode.”

Therefore, I did, in fact, just learn my nephew’s real name yesterday, after only two months.

Hello, space case.

In other news, we had our huge extended-family Christmas party on Saturday, and somehow, Matt seemed to always be found with all the kids. It got to the point that if I didn’t know where he had disappeared to, I would just have to follow the noise of screaming and yelling and giggling children down the hall, and there he would be, right in the middle of it all.

The instigator.

Among the festivitites was a book exchange for the kids, a raucous game of Christmas Song Pictionary (too funny!), and a rousing game of Grocery Bingo.

Now, Grocery Bingo is really quite a brilliant idea. If you need a great Christmas party game, check this out:

You play Bingo like normal, but instead of prizes, you get to pick a grocery item off of the table in the middle. And, to make it more interesting, we combined it with the rules of White Elephant, which meant that items could be traded 3 times before they were “frozen.”

Fun for all ages, people.

Have you gone to any holiday parties yet? Any fun group games you would recommend?

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