Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*I discovered something very important about myself today. Apparently, I would prefer running 12 miles at a humanly-normal pace (aka, 10-min. miles) rather than running 3 miles at an unhuman pace (for me, that’s apparently 8:50 miles). I have a feeling that I’m going to start dreading my Tuesday speed runs…

*I discovered something else very important about myself yesterday—apparently I’m a total computer addict. As part of my To-Be List challenges for myself, I set a goal that I was going to cut back on blogging/Internet surfing so that I could make time for more important things (like cleaning my house). My goal was as follows: no blogging or Internet surfing until both my personal scripture study and my daily run/exercise were done, and then when I did get on, I was to limit myself to 30 minutes. I didn’t think it would be that hard. I was wrong. Apparently, my default mode is that I go get on the computer whenever I’m bored, stressed out, seeking entertainment, or trying to avoid something I don’t want to do. So there you go, folks: I am suffering from severe digital overload. But I’m seriously set on reforming, no matter how challenging it is for me.

*As a result of everything mentioned above, I have a feeling that I’ll actually be reading a lot more books now (just like I’ve always meant to). Apparently I always did have the time. I just liked feeding my blog addiction more.

*Our heater is still not fixed. I was never so excited to go to the school as I was this morning—ahhhh, the simple pleasure of 70-degree indoor temperatures (even if half that heat comes from un-deoderized, adolescent bodies)

*So there’s this one girl in my classes that has turned into a teenager overnight. You wanna know how I could tell? The fact that first thing every class, she would roll her eyes, open her mouth wide, and say something to the effect of, “This is so totally, like, LAAAAAME.” So today when she came in, I noticed that she inadvertently used a simile while complaining about the Miley Cyrus song playing in the hallway. So I congratulated her on applying in real life what we’ve been learning in class, to which she gave me a bewildered stare, wrinkled her nose in disgust, and then put her head down on her desk with, “Ugh. I hate myself.” Ah, the joys.

*Today is the first day that Matt has gone into work in a week. I sure don’t like how they keep calling him in and cancelling on him…not cool…

*Because I accidentally only ran 2.6 miles today instead of 3, I tried to make up for it by doing an intense strength training leg workout. I think I pulled every muscle in my bum. And then some.

*My mom bought me a Bountiful Basket for this Saturday. I kinda sorta can’t wait to find out what’s in it. You’re the greatest, Mom!

*So I tried out “real” Greek yogurt finally (instead of the awesome stuff that they say is Greek yogurt but is really just flavored, thick normal yogurt). I kind of hated it. I mean, I knew that I hated fat-free Greek yogurt, but I thought that the 2% kind would be bearable. Apparently I can only choke it down with gobs and gobs of honey spooned into it. Oh well. I’m still getting some benefit out of it, right?

*We’ve been on this big microwave popcorn kick lately. The only problem? We have the most wretched microwave in the whole world for cooking popcorn. It works great for everything else, but it WILL NOT pop all the kernels in the bag (or even half of them) without burning a hole through the bag. So, to get around the problem, we just make ourselves two half-bags of popcorn and call it a good day.

*K, my 30 minutes are getting pretty close to being up. Anyone got any funny stories they want to share with me about what’s happened to them on this chilly Tuesday?

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