Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All, Valentine’s Edition

*Yesterday I came home from the school to find all of this waiting just inside the apartment. You can imagine my confusion (as yesterday was the 13th), and I was thinking that Matt just got his days mixed up and gave me my present a day early. But it turns out, he planned it that way—he said that he wanted it to be a surprise, and he knew that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was on Valentine’s Day, so he decided to do it all a day early. Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever heard?
*Oh, and the letter he wrote me? I was crying by the second line.
*Ooo, let’s not forget to mention how excited I am that he bought me Crossed. Now I’m not going to have to wait until the library’s copy is available!!
*Today at school, I started off our poetry unit by having the students create poems using just the words that were written on conversation hearts (I gave them each their own box). Utter madness ensued…but I think that was partly because everyone was so hyper and hormone-driven about the dance that was to immediately follow the school day today. Ah, the days of junior high dances…
*My cooperating teacher got me a 6-pack of Diet Dr. Pepper for the holiday. Best. Idea. EVER. I really needed that today (just one of course, not all six. Although I’m sure I’ll need them the rest of the week).
*As for tonight, I decided to try my hand at the extravagant candlelight dinner thingy for the first time. It took me almost two hours to prepare, but we sure enjoyed ourselves over Martinelli’s and the fancy-schmancy pasta I only make once in a blue moon because it’s so expensive and so fattening. It did turn out delicious though, if I do say so myself…

*After dinner, we did our usual Tuesday night ritual of watching The Bachelor. Man, the disbelief just keep growing every time. I mean seriously—if something doesn’t change quick, I just don’t know what I’ll do with myself–I already spend way too much time as it is thinking about that show. And after last night’s episode…yuck!

*This morning before Matt left for school, I snuck a bag of caramel Hershey Kisses (so good that we call them “make-outs” instead of “kisses”) into Matt’s backpack with a little note that said, “This is so I can KISS you all day long.” I love cheesy Valentine’s Day stuff. What did you guys do for your significant other?

*Even though this isn’t V-Day related, I want to give a big shout-out to the anonymous person who dropped off a big bag of meat on our door last week after I posted how meat had been too expensive to buy lately. I love you, love you, love you! You have no idea how much your kindness meant to me, especially during such a hard week. The world is truly full of angels.

*Some of my students gave me little treats for Valentine’s Day. Bless their hearts.

*When I passed out all the conversation hearts today, only two kids out of 110 said thank you. Bless their hearts, I love their self-absorbed little selves anyway.

*To finish off the festive evening, we tried out this recipe I found. Although the cookies were a little more fattening (and kinda greasy) than I usually go for, I’ve got to admit, they were pretty delicious. (Note: I used red velvet cake mix instead of strawberry; hence the red color rather than the pink).

Hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day!

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