Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*I think I was warned about the Meidells and math long before Matt and I were ever married. But oh, how ignorant I was on how deep the hatred really runs, and how there’s nothing like a complicated math word problem that gets a Meidell’s blood boiling, and fast.

*I tell you this because we have been doing math together for the past 5 hours, and we still have about 5 more to go. It is do-or-die time because Matt’s final is tomorrow, and there sure has been some blood boiling around here. There are only a few things that can get Matt frustrated: mainly, math, bad drivers, and me not rinsing off my dishes the right way. But the point of all this is: Matthew is FINISHED with math FOREVER (not counting stats) when this class is over (if he passes, of course).

*We have already decided that when he passes (we’re not even going to think about what happens if he doesn’t), we’re going to go clean the sink at Angie’s (Translation: we are going to get an entire sink full of ice cream and whipped cream and bananas at the local diner and gorge ourselves silly).

*I have never been more ready for a math class to be done in my whole life.

*(That’s even including all my own math classes, including the one I ended up dropping in the middle of the semester).

*All that aside, I went to this power toning class last night (that I’ve totally done several times before, by the way), and when I groggily stepped out of bed this morning, I literally collapsed. The sad part? My instructor was like 8 months pregnant and kicking my trash.

*So remember how Matt’s whole family was in San Diego last week and we couldn’t go because he had two tests? Well, my family is in St. George this week, and we can’t go because Matt has this calculus final. I’m telling you, I don’t think we’ll ever do this take-classes-in-the-summer thing. Not cool at all. Especially because we’ll go home this weekend and “get” to hear all about how much fun everyone else had. Boo.

*On the bright side, I get to go to girls’ camp next week with the young women in our stake, and boy, is that going to be fun! I haven’t gone to girls’ camp since I was in the YW program myself, so it should be a good time: we’ll be having us some banana boats, some pedicures after our long hike (although I won’t be letting anyone touch my missing-from-the-marathon toenails, don’t you worry!), and some good ol’ on-the-spot skits. But alas, you all will have to go without a Tell-All next week. I’m sure you’ll live. Don’t despair. I’ll be back.

*One concern though: I don’t think girls’ camp is going to help me with this hardly-getting-ready-every-day thing I have going. It all started with my toenail falling off (which prevents me from wearing flip flops or peep-toe heels, making me resort to running shoes or socks with flats every day). Then the heat made it so I had to wear my hair in a perpetual top-knot. And now it’s just gotten to the point where I’ve let myself go (just about, anyway). Well, Matt had a cute newlywed wife for the first year anyway, right?

*Matt was asked to sing a duet with another guy for this funeral last week, and it was phenomenal. Every time he sings, my heart melts for him all over again. Seriously, people. My husband’s got CHORDS (vocal chords, that is).

*Matt and I struck a deal about a month back that he’d read Count of Monte Cristo if I read the Lord of the Rings series. Now, Matt has been trying to get me to read that series forever, and it’s not that I’m exactly against it–it’s just that I’m not exactly interested in it. And now that I’m halfway through The Hobbit, I will repeat what I said during my lesson on Sunday (don’t ask why): The Hobbit is fine and all, but it’s not exactly soul-changing.  That’s all.

*Matt might disagree with that last statement.

*P.S. He has totally not started on his side of the bargain, so we’ll see if I even get to Fellowship.

*I make awesome cookies.

*Just thought you should know.

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