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Two-Year Anniversary


(our wedding day, 1st year anniversary, and 2nd anniversary (this year!))

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’ve already been married two years, but I can still remember it all as if it were yesterday: the giddy excitement as we met at the temple, the overwhelming peace as I said that I would take Matt to be mine forever, and the celebratory air that permeated every second of the day.

Many people say that the first couple years are the hardest, but if that’s true, then we’ve got one glorious road ahead of us because these first two years have been a long string of blissful memories with my best friend by my side.

As today is also Teacher Appreciation Day, it looks like we’ll be getting lots of free dinners (thanks to places like Papa John’s and McDonald’s who give free meals to teachers) and giving a toast to celebrating the rest of eternity together.

I love you forever, Matt–thanks for these first two years!

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