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In Which Raven Does Me a Solid & Narrates Her Own Post

Seeing as how I seem to have melted my brain somewhere in the 30-minute drive between my work and our apartment (or maybe it was already melted from my 85-degree, un-air-conditioned classroom), you won’t be hearing much from me tonight.
Just this—
About two weeks ago, we started Raven on solids, a positively delightful experience that I am positive was delightful more for Matt and me than it was for Raven.
But, despite her clear aversion to our first offering of mushified green beans, she is overall taking to solids like a champ and putting down sweet potatoes and rice cereal mixed with bananas like she’s training for pie-eating contests and professional taste-testing.
Enough of my thoughts, though. You’ll just have to get the rest from her.

I seriously have just racked my whole brain, and nowhere in my past four months of experience can I find anything involving anything shaped like this or tasting like that going into my mouth.

And why do these people who are always around me look so stinkin’ EXCITED about it, too?

Seriously, this is even worse than having to eat that fish secondhand when you had it that one night for dinner, Mom.

Okay, I request formal sanctuary from this green bean business and am making sure to throw in a solid fist pump for good measure.

I shall not yield!

You may be laughing now, person-with-the-red-spoon, but I just learned to blow raspberries this week and am not afraid to use them.

Wait, we’re all done?!
What?! We’re doing that again TOMORROW?
Who knew that solid food could be so much fun? It reminds me why I love watching people eat

Oh, and in other news, Raven is no longer on hunger strike after the debacle that was my first day of work last week, and I officially stopped nursing her on Saturday night (pause for a little tear to well up in my overtired eyes).

Thank goodness she’s taking pretty well to formula and solid foods so that I have at least half a brain left to concentrate on teaching Spanish conjugation and administering diagnostic tests.

Can this first week of school be over yet?

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