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Guess I’d Better Get Used to Pink…


Matt and I went in for my 20-week ultrasound this week, fully expecting that our hunch would be confirmed and that we would be told by the tech that it was  a boy kicking around in there.

Guess we’ll never be trusting our hunches again!

Baby girl wasn’t exactly being cooperative though, so it took almost 20 minutes (and a lot of very firm, uncomfortable stomach jostling) for us to find out. The funny thing is, when the tech all of a sudden said, “It’s a girl!,” both Matt and I were in shock a bit. In fact, both of us stopped just short of blurting aloud, “Are you sure?!”

When I confided that we’d thought it was a boy the whole time, the tech said she’d get another view just to double check, and, sure enough, it’s definitely a girl in there.

We’re so excited though, even if it means we’ll have to play the name game all over again (since we’d firmly decided on a boy name, figuring we wouldn’t need to worry about a girl name yet).


Besides marking the week we found out the gender, this week also seems to be the marker of when I could no longer hide the fact that I was expecting. Before, if I wore the right kind of drapey blouse or an oversized sweater, it just looked like I’d maybe gained a couple pounds (but not to the point where people started remarking on my belly).

That all changed this last week–as my uterus has moved up, so has the visibility of this baby, and everyone from my principal to my old college roommate’s mom has started commenting on it. I decided the comments don’t bug me as long as they’re paired with adjectives like “cute,” “adorable,” and “little.”

But, as I informed my husband one Sunday not too long ago, I don’t appreciate being told that I look “very pregnant.”

I know it will only get worse as time goes on as far as the comments go, but I’m happy as can be with my “little, adorable” baby bump right now.

I sure like 20-week pregnancy a lot more than I like 10-week pregnancy anyhow 🙂


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