We’ve Reached the End


It’s taken seven years, 15 semesters, thousands of dollars, and countless hours of work, stress, and anxiety, but guess what? Matt finally took his very last final of his whole undergraduate career yesterday afternoon.

It’s bad enough to go through the stress of college yourself, but I think it’s infinitely harder to stand to the side and watch your spouse go through it. In my case, watching Matt go through this ordeal was especially difficult because he disliked many of the courses he’d been forced to take since they nothing to do with his chosen field of study (physics, anyone?), so it was even worse for him to go through all the hoop-jumping that is life at a university. And while I actually LIKED school (largely because almost all of the classes I had to take were, you know, relevant), I couldn’t like school for him, nor could I help him much with any of his homework or course load. Instead, I just had to stand back and let him fight his way through the madness on his own.

But in 6 weeks, it will officially be official when that special piece of paper comes in the mail–

My husband will be a college graduate with his degree in human movement science (pre-physical therapy).

So proud of you, dear! Thanks for sticking it out until the bitter end!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go continue our celebrations by drinking (yet more) sparkling apple cider and eating the cookies I made for tonight’s party at our church.

Happy graduation, Matt!

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