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The Time I Discovered that I’m Still Bad at Bowling

Sometimes in my secret life (the one that goes on in my head when I need an escape from reality), I pretend that I’m really good at bowling. Usually this fantasy only crops up when I actually AM bowling, and if I was to use all of my psychology knowledge on myself, I would say that I do it to cope with the awfulness of what really is = aka that I am a truly heinous bowler.

See our friends Jon and Emily below?

I’m honestly kind of surprised that they keep inviting us to do stuff with them because I’m horridly competitive (not in a cute, fun way), and apparently that trash talking extends to bowling…even though I’ve got no game.

Long story short, I lost all four games, and I didn’t even break 90 (although I’ve done much worse—I remember one game when I was in my teens when I actually bowled a 21). I decided that there are very few things I’m consistent at as a bowler: 1) my bowling speed is usually in the 5-7 mph range, 2) I use the lightest ball out of anyone else there (including kids sometimes!), and 3) I tend to do a dainty little knee-crunch thing when I’m about to let go of the ball. Oh, and 4) I usually lose.

Someday I should get a video of it. I’m sure it would be viewing entertainment for all.

How do you stack up at bowling?

That was Saturday.

Then on Sunday afternoon, Matt got all spontaneous on me and said that we should make an unexpected trip down to Bountiful to make his mom’s birthday dinner (which we did).

And I’ve gotta say, watching Matt with the kidlets and infants is just so darn cute I could die.

How was your weekend?


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