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A Christmas Card You Won’t Wanna Miss

Merry Christmas to All, and May the Happiest Blessings of the Season Be With You!

Love from Matt, Torrie, Raven, and Baby #2 (who will give us a nice little Christmas in July!)

I’m sure that few people will be surprised by our news (especially seeing as I’m the WORST at hiding pregnancy), but we’re sure excited for this beautiful ending to what has been somewhat of a difficult year.

Thank you to all of you readers for your support over the year, and we’re glad you’re a part of our lives!

(Also, because I know some of you will be interested: I’m actually only 11 weeks as of today, but we’ve had two ultrasounds that both look great, so I’m going ahead and sharing since I’m already starting to show anyway!)

P.S. A big thanks to our friend Rob for taking these family pics for us!

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