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My First 5K

So I know the way that MOST people do races is that they start small (like a 5K) and then work their way up.

Well, I’ve never been one to follow the mainstream, so I first completed my marathon in April, and then I figured I’d be pretty prepared for whatever other race came my way.

Of course, since doing my marathon, my running routine has been, well, almost nonexistent, but that still didn’t prevent me from signing up for the Red Ribbon Week 5K announced at my school (which, conveniently, was located much closer to my home than my school is).

Even though my work week had been particularly difficult, I was still looking forward to running in another race. All I could think about was the excitement I felt when I started the marathon and heard everyone shouting and cheering, and the great sense of accomplishment I felt when I took the last step of those 26.2 miles.

Well, although the 5K wasn’t QUITE as awesome as the marathon, it still was a lot of fun, and what made it especially fun was that I didn’t have to run for 4.5 hours–I only had to run for 30 minues.


But there were two things I loved the very most about it:

1) It put me back into running territory (which I have seemingly been avoiding for the past 6 months), and
2) I got a medal.

Happy running days are here again, folks. I will (hopefully) be starting up a more regular running routine very shortly thanks to this little 5K here.


 I now have TWO medals hanging on my bedroom lamp.

Nothing like a race to make me feel like a champ again 🙂

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