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It’s Official: Our House is Under Contract–We’re Moving!

Funny how fast life changes, huh?

At the beginning of this year, we had zero intentions of moving anytime within the next several years and were happily planning out our yearly house and yard projects for 2020. Even when the company Matt works for started throwing around plans to move the business, we didn’t really put much stock into it—it seemed like it might be a passing whim.

And now here we are, six months later, with a house newly under contract and with plans to move to Central Utah on the horizon.

Now, to answer the questions I know will come up–

1 – No, we don’t have another house lined up. We put an offer down on one a couple months back, but it wasn’t accepted. And now, since the business hasn’t yet moved down, it looks like we’ll be moving in with family for a month or two until it does, at which point we plan on renting down there until we find our next house.

2 – From start to finish, our house went under contract in less than 4 days, although it could have gone under contract in under 48 hours. Our listing went live Thursday night, we had three offers by Saturday night, and we decided tonight (Monday) on which offer we would accept, after receiving a 4th offer this afternoon.

3 – As of now, we plan to move at the end of July, though there is a slim possibility we might be moving even sooner than that.

4 – We *think* the business will probably move down sometime in late August or early September, but we’re not sure at this point.

It’s been a crazy past few weeks, especially since we didn’t originally plan on listing the house until July, but we’re excited about this new adventure that lays ahead of us and will keep you all posted as we figure out more!

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