Tuesday Tell-All

Tell-All Tuesday

Here it is again, another Tuesday. Which, of course, means it’s time for me to do another unclogging of my brain:

*I finally got around to starting The Help. After hearing about it virtually everywhere, I couldn’t stand being left out any longer (I really do have a problem) and went out and ordered myself a copy. And I must say, I very much think it could be my favorite read of the entire year. We shall see.

*Guess what? Diet and exercise really do work. I know, weird, right? I’m now two pounds away from doing my first Before/After 10 lbs. benchmark. I know you’re all just so excited (I know I am–I can finally see some cheekbones in my pictures again!!)

*I talked to my supervisor here at work about staying on during the school year part time. I was a little worried about it, but it looks like all systems are go! Here’s to jobs that will continue to pay the rent!

*I’m getting really excited for school to start back up. Anyone with me? (Speaking of school, this is my last semester of taking classes. I’m actually pretty sad about that.)

*The best part of school is the day I get my textbooks. I don’t like paying for them, but I sure like getting them! All that new glue and those fresh pages, just waiting for me to breathe ’em in…

*I’m not in much of a gym mood today. But, seeing as though I had Olive Garden for lunch, I’m just going to have to summon up the gym mood…

*I always daydream about taking naps, but then I never actually take them. That’s sad.

*I’m inexplicably craving a Dr. Pepper something awful. Actually, it’s not so inexplicable: I’m tired and want the caffeine kick. I’m feeling unmotivated and want some sugar. It’s hot in here and I want some refreshment. But I won’t. I. will. not. give. in. (See? I’m even clenching my teeth. I’ve got such willpower).

*I don’t know what to do for my next Change It Up Challenge. Any ideas? Come on guys—what should I try out and then spill all the details about?? Pretty please tell me?

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