Matt’s Birthday Weekend

Last Saturday was Matt’s birthday, which gave me just the excuse I needed to make this cake: this scrumptious, lick-your-fingers, rich Oreo-filling chocolate cake that I got off of Pinterest.
Matt has been asking me every week to buy him Oreos at the grocery store. And every week I tell him no, because he’ll eat the whole thing in 24 hours. So, when he was indecisive about which flavor of birthday cake he wanted, I knew just what to do and just where to go.
This cake is amazing. We’re still eating it now, three days later, and I still sigh with pleasure with every forkful. This is good stuff.
For anyone who wants the recipe (trust me, you do!), check it out here.

Since Matt had to work, I still wanted to make the day as special as possible. So I decided to give him a little gift at every mealtime and make sure he ate a really spectacular dinner.
So, in addition to the gifts he already got from me (his very own USU shirt, the latest season of The Big Bang Theory, and, finally, some Oreos), we went to Al’s Sporting Goods to use the Groupon we bought a few months ago that gave us $500 off a road bike.
So here she is: Matt’s new favorite girl (besides me, of course):

A pretty great day, I’d have to say. Happy 25th Hubby!!

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