Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*I didn’t buy any Easter candy, and I’m actually kinda sad about it. I am pondering over the marvel of the fact that I have not eaten a single Cadbury egg in over a year. What is wrong with me?! I wonder if there would still be some if I went to the store today? And maybe discounted? Please?

*Matt and I went and saw the Hunger Games movie (finally) over the weekend. Aside from the distracting nature of the shaky filming (which I hated), I actually was rather impressed with it. Although I must say, Gale came off as much more winning in the movie than in the book. Not that I didn’t like him in the book, but he was a real charmer in the movie. And Peeta wasn’t as cute as I thought he’d be (although it helped when he tousled up his hair a bit). I especially liked the part in the movie where Matt gasped and jumped about a foot out of his chair and I laughed.

*After watching the movie, Matt and I decided that we actually might like the second and third movies more than we liked the second and third books (which wouldn’t be that hard, to be frank). It’s not often that I say that.

*Yesterday I took the most amazing little bike ride up to First Dam, and I wished SOOO much when I got up to it that I’d brought my camera with me—there were hundreds of seagulls just covering the water, and then a lone bagpiper playing at the far edge of the lake. It was a beautiful sight, and one that I’m not sure I could ever capture again. Guess I should know the photographer’s first rule: always, always, ALWAYS have a camera on hand (not that I’m much of a photographer, but oh well).

*When I got back from my bike ride, I was trying to rev up my motivation to somehow tackle the dishes that had accumulated over the weekend thanks to my spring break laziness. I finally decided a simple bribe would work best: I would put on two songs that I just love (Sara Bareilles and Jon McLaughlin’s “Summer is Over” and another random one I don’t remember) and just do the dishes for the duration of those two songs. Then I would treat myself to a game of Spider Solitaire. Then I would repeat as often as necessary. This tactic actually worked pretty great, until…

*I got in a fight with a breaking dish and lost. The funny thing was, literally seconds before this all went down, I had struck onto quite an epiphany: I had realized, as the sun was streaming through our kitchen window and as I was thinking of the beautiful scene I had just seen on my bike ride, that everything in my life was “enough” for me–I was happy enough, I was productive enough, we were rich enough, I was skinny enough, we were growing enough. And then, just as I was rejoicing in the beautiful simplicity of that thought, my favorite little Giada casserole dish slipped out of my hands and shattered, cutting my hands up like crazy. Apparently, I hadn’t been in-pain-enough.

*On an unrelated note, I learned a very important lesson recently: it is very hard to bind your own dominant hand with gauze and tape when you are bleeding profusely all over the counter. Just saying.

*I don’t know if it is a cold or some wicked allergies, but my nose has been like a broken faucet lately. Not cool.

*Matt and I both decided to treat ourselves to homemade milkshakes last night after our difficult night (my cut hand and broken favorite dish and his not doing as well as he’d hoped on his math test). Another interesting revelation: ice cream fixes all.
*The half-price warehouse Scholastic Book Fair is going on RIGHT THIS SECOND on campus. Guess who is going to go check it out tonight? Bwa ha ha…Too bad we don’t have $200 to blow on it like we did last year…*tear*

*I finished Great Expectations last night. I had to stay up ’til almost midnight though to do it, Shhh!! Review to follow soon.

*In case you haven’t gotten enough Tell-All on this Tuesday, check out my Teaching Tell-All here.

*Okay, I’ve put off my run long enough. What’s been happening on your Tuesday?

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