Haley & Jason

I traveled down to Bountiful two days ago to see my cousin Haley get married. And you know what I decided? Now that I’m married, I don’t hate going to weddings anymore. Not that I disliked going just because I was single, but now I really like going because it reminds me of my own wedding day.

It also helps that I appreciate much more all the planning and work that goes into putting on a wedding now that I’ve had to go through the whole process myself–now I find myself actually noticing all the details, instead of just going for the food.

Ya know?

It also helps when I think the bride has flawless taste, as was the case with Haley.

Isn’t she stunning?

As my mom remarked, “I think they are the smiling-est couple to ever get married.”

Haley and Jason, we are so happy for you guys! May each day find you more in love and greater friends than ever before.