Done List

This Week’s Done List

This Week’s “Done” List

**Make caramel apples (thank you, Kayla!)

**Ace my two midterms

**Finish my big project for my assessment class (and get 100% on it!)

**Write more wedding thank-you notes (goal: have them all finished by our 6-month anniversary)
**Play Risk with friends (and win)

**Go see Footloose with Chelsee (and Real Steel)

**Spend my $100 Old Navy prize card (got $120 worth of stuff, spent $1.88)

**Give Matt a big hug and kiss for waking up early yesterday (despite the

holiday) in order to make me a special breakfast before work


Still to do:
Try out the new yoga DVD that Karianne loaned me
Go Biking
Buy more thank-you notes so I can actually complete said goal
Use some of the homegrown apples I just got to make that new pork recipe

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